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Towards an Understanding of Consumption Objectors

Marie-Hélène Fosse-Gomez & Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse. Paper published in European Advances in Consumer Research, Volume 8, 2008.

This article studies the topic of meaning in consumption practices that are related to the critics of consuming society. In a postmodern world characterized by symbolism in consumption and a global « crisis of meanings », a deep critical posture of consuming society is studied through its contribution to identity construction processes among « very responsible » consumers whom we refer to as « consumption objectors. … >> continue reading

Consumer culture theory

Most of my research is directed at consumer experiences and practices, examined from a cultural perspective.

Consumer culture appears as a consequence of the relational dynamic among consumers, institutions (companies, NGOs, etc.), and the meanings given by consumers to products, companies and brands.

The theoretical perspective adopted – ‘Consumer Culture Theory’ (CCT) – thus addresses consumption in accordance with its sociocultural, experiential and symbolic aspects, using interpretative analyses.

CCT is today an international interdisciplinary field that comprises macro, interpretive, and critical approaches to and perspectives of consumer behavior.… >> continue reading