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Considering ‘Waste Value’ in the Circular Economy

CHERRIER, H., TÜRE, M., & OZCAGLAR-TOULOUSE, N. (2018). Published in Robert Crocker, Christopher Saint, Guanyi Chen, Yindong Tong (ed.) Unmaking Waste in Production and Consumption: Towards the Circular Economy, 91 – 102.

Designing and manufacturing long-lasting things and minimizing the use of material resources are central concerns to the circular economy. Yet, repairing and repurposing objects, and the experiences and knowledge of those who extend the life of objects at the consumption level, are absent from discussions on the circular economy.… >> continue reading

ECHANGE project on second hand products

Photo Stéphane Leitenberger / ADEME

Photo Stéphane Leitenberger / ADEME

The ECHANGE project supported by ADEME (the French Agency for Environment and Energy Conservation) investigates the personal and social barriers that prevent people from sharing products that they don’t want anymore and consider as waste. The research covers tensions that can exist between people and their waste, between two individuals who seek to exchange a second hand product, and between people and specialised organisations dedicated to sharing products.… >> continue reading