Scientific papers

“Do not expect me to stay quiet”: Challenges in managing a historical strategic resource

CAILLUET L., GORGE H. et OZCAGLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2018). Published in Organisation Studies, 39 (12), 1811-1835.

In this paper we explore how a historical strategic resource (HSR) could be used by an organization. We propose that within an organization, HSR is both an asset and an arena for power struggle. Our contributions stand at several levels at the crossroads of strategic management and organizational studies. First, we show the importance of various stakeholders in constructing a HSR.… >> continue reading

Toward an Understanding of Young Consumers’ Daily Consumption Practices in Post-Doi Moi Vietnam

NGUYEN N.N, ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. KJELDGAARD D. (2018). Published in Journal of Business Research, 86, 490-500.

More than 30 years have passed since Doi Moi, the economic and political reforms that transformed Vietnam into a lower middle-income market from one of the world’s poorest markets. This transformation brought about changes in the consumption practices of Vietnamese consumers. Despite several studies focusing on these changes, the impact of the government’s politics on young Vietnamese consumers’ consumption practices has been largely unexamined.… >> continue reading

Ethical qualities in consumption: Towards a theory of care

Deirdre Shaw, Robert McMaster, Cristina Longo, Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse (2017). Published in Marketing Theory.

This article seeks to develop an empirically grounded theorization of care. Current care theory tends to be conceived along philosophical, psychological and labour dimensions, with much of the literature focusing on caring labour and, therefore, invoking a productionist orientation.

By contrast, our focus on consumption suggests a reorientation in conceptualizing care to more fully apprehend the nuances of care neglected in a consumption context.… >> continue reading

Rethinking Alternative Markets in the Context of Economic Crisis and Austerity in Greece

BENMECHEDDAL A., GORGE H. and ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2017). Published in Journal of MacroMarketing, 37 (2), 193-205.

Alternative markets are often described as exchange systems for people who wish to escape the capitalist markets. In this article, we argue that alternative markets may also emerge in a context of economic constraint, in which people have restricted access to mainstream markets. In order to survive, they have to find alternative ways of obtaining goods and services.… >> continue reading

Becoming sensory disabled: Exploring self-transformation through rites of passage

mannequin-boisAnthony Beudaert, Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse, MeltemTüreb (2016). Published in Journal of Business Research Volume 69, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 57-64.

Based on Van Gennep’s framework of rites of passage, this research examines the self-transformation process of consumers who acquire a sensory disability. The analysis of 15 in-depth interviews reveals a complex three-stage process. With the onset of disability, individuals experience a forced withdrawal from their consumption activities. This withdrawal gives way to liminality of undetermined duration, nurtured by consumers’ memories of the past, sufferings in the present, and fears of the future.… >> continue reading

The Formation of Consumer Activism: Context and Meanings of an Activist Order

Ahmed Benmecheddal , Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse  (2015). Published in Anastasia E. Thyroff , Jeff B. Murray , Russell W. Belk (ed.) Consumer Culture Theory (Research in Consumer Behavior, Volume 17) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.111 – 128.

illustration-caddieThe goal in this research is to offer a new interpretation of activism by focusing not on the various ideologies but on the order of worth that coordinates activism.


Ethnographic approaches of participant observation and nondirective interviewing were the methods used in this study.… >> continue reading

« Bien-être » and well-being in consumption: a comparative analysis

Hélène Gorge, Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse, and Stéphanie Toussaint. Paper published in Recherche et Applications Marketing (2015).

This paper offers a critical comparison between the work of various researchers about the French-speaking « bien-être du consommateur » with the literature on Transformative Consumer Research which focuses on the concept of well-being. First, we propose a synthesis of the two perspectives and their main themes. Second, we question the cultural background of each research approach.… >> continue reading