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Chapter on Michel de Certeau

COVA V. and ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2018). Published in Canonical Authors in Consumption Theory, Edited by Søren Askegaard, Benoît Heilbrunn, Routledge, 221-226.

Canonical Authors in Consumption Theory is the first work to compile the contributions of the greatest social thinkers in the global conversation about consumption and consumer culture. A prestigious reference work, it offers original chapters by the world’s most prominent thought leaders and surveys how the work of historical theorists has influenced and shaped consumption theory, both through history and at the cutting edge of research.… >> continue reading

Consumer Culture Theory (Research in Consumer Behavior), Volume 18

Edited by Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse, Diego Rinallo and Russell W. Belk (2016).

The chapters in this volume are selected from the best papers presented at the 11th Annual Consumer Culture Theory Conference held in Lille, France in July 2016. The diverse interpretive research and theory represented in this volume provides the reader with intellectually stimulating opportunities to examine the intersections between a variety of topics that represent the cutting edge in consumer research.… >> continue reading

The Formation of Consumer Activism: Context and Meanings of an Activist Order

Ahmed Benmecheddal , Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse  (2015). Published in Anastasia E. Thyroff , Jeff B. Murray , Russell W. Belk (ed.) Consumer Culture Theory (Research in Consumer Behavior, Volume 17) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.111 – 128.

illustration-caddieThe goal in this research is to offer a new interpretation of activism by focusing not on the various ideologies but on the order of worth that coordinates activism.


Ethnographic approaches of participant observation and nondirective interviewing were the methods used in this study.… >> continue reading

The polysemic meanings of couscous consumption in France

Amina Béji-Bécheur, Nacima Ourahmoune and Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse. Paper published in Journal of Consumer Behaviour, J. Consumer Behav. 13: 196–203 (2014).

illustration-couscousThis article reflects on consumer representations of a typical southern Mediterranean dish that has remained a centerpiece of cultural encounters ever since it was developed in North Africa: couscous. France—a country whose own cuisine is world-renowned, yet which regularly ranks couscous as one of its top three favourite national dishes, and which hosts the largest North African population in Europe—seemed a fertile site for an investigation of the polysemic meanings attached to couscous, a nomad product embedded in socio-historical interrelationships on both shores of the Mediterranean.… >> continue reading

PhD student: Ahmed Benmecheddal [completed]

phd-a-benmecheddalPhD student from 2012 to 2015 on social movements and consumption.

He successfully defended his Thesis on 11 December 2015 ‘Comprendre les actions militantes anticonsuméristes : une approche par la théorie des conventions’.

My research under the supervision of Prof. Nil Özcağlar-Toulouse focused on market dynamics, including market developments, and the influence of different actors (consumers, producers, marketers) in the formation of market structures. Drawing from sociological and anthropological concepts, I was particularly interested in the relationship between consumer movements and the marketplace.

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Marketing Management: A Cultural Perspective

Book edited in 2012 by Lisa Penaloza, Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse and Luca Massimiliano Visconti.

book-marketing-managementCulture pervades consumption and marketing activity in ways that potentially benefit marketing managers. This book provides a comprehensive account of cultural knowledge and skills useful in strategic marketing management.

In making these cultural concepts and frameworks accessible and in discussing how to use them, this edited textbook goes beyond the identification of historical, socio-cultural and political factors and their effects on market outcomes.… >> continue reading

Still crossing borders: migration, consumption, and markets

Søren Askegaard & Nil Özçaglar-Toulouse (2011). Paper published in Consumption Markets & Culture, 14:3, 217-222.

During the second half of the twentieth century, the expansion in processes of migration has been an essential element in the being and the becoming of political and economic globalization, of globalizing and glocalizing consumer cultures, and of new encounters of collaborations and conflicts worldwide. As such, it has reframed the demographic, social, and economic landscapes of developed as well as developing countries.… >> continue reading

A History of French Consumer Culture Theory: Pathways and Key Concepts

Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse & Bernard Cova. Paper published in Recherche et Applications en Marketing, vol. 25, n° 2/2010.

This paper recapitulates the history of different French schools of thought that came together from the late 1980s through the early 2000s in a research program called Consumer Culture Theory (Arnould and Thompson, 2005). The various authors and studies that were part of this movement are presented in chronological order: their years of clandestinity, legitimization and then consolidation.… >> continue reading