Presentations on sustainable consumption

List of presentations related to sustainable and responsible consumption practices among consumers (for specific presentations on fair trade, click here).


  • BENMECHEDDAL A. and ÖZÇAGLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2015), A moral agencement between consumers and non-consumers: the formation of the Community Supported Agriculture, 8th Interpretive Consumer Research Conference, April 16-17, Edinburgh.
  • SCHILL M. & ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2011), Family and sustainable consumption: what practices?, Sustainable Consumption – Towards Action and Impact Conference, November 6 – 8, Hamburg.
  • ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. & SZUBA M. (2010), Can Sustainability Break the Glass Floor of the Social Imaginary?, in special session « Consumption, Social Change, Personal transformation, Sustainability », Co-Chairs: Rob Kozinets and Melea Press, ACR Jacksonville
  • Özçaglar-Toulouse N., Hassan L., Shiu E. and Shaw D. (2005), Understanding Ethical Consumer Decision-making: Comparing and Contrasting France and the UK, Academy of Marketing, July 5-7, Dublin (Competitive session)


  • SCHILL M. & ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2011), Towards a practice-oriented understanding of family ethical consumption, Workshop Emerging Issues in Uncertainty and Ethical Consumption Research, University of Glasgow Business School, June 13
  • ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2006), Living for ‘ethics’ : responsible consumption in everyday life, First Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Eds. Belk, R. and Sherry, J., University of Notre Dame, Indiana, August 1-3