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Becoming sensory disabled: Exploring self-transformation through rites of passage

mannequin-boisAnthony Beudaert, Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse, MeltemTüreb (2016). Published in Journal of Business Research Volume 69, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 57-64.

Based on Van Gennep’s framework of rites of passage, this research examines the self-transformation process of consumers who acquire a sensory disability. The analysis of 15 in-depth interviews reveals a complex three-stage process. With the onset of disability, individuals experience a forced withdrawal from their consumption activities. This withdrawal gives way to liminality of undetermined duration, nurtured by consumers’ memories of the past, sufferings in the present, and fears of the future.… >> continue reading

PhD student: Anthony Beudaert [completed]

phd-a-beudaertPhD student from 2014 to 2018 on disabled consumers, he successfully defended his thesis « Vers une meilleure compréhension du vécu du consommateur en situation de handicap sensoriel » in 2018 and was finalist for Best PhD of the French Marketing Association Award.

My research under the supervision of Prof. Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse focused on sensory disability.

Although disabled consumers are mainly studied through the lens of stigma, this research aimed to deepen our understanding of the subjective and experiential aspects of their consumption.

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