Research projects

This list includes some of the research projects I have contributed to, especially those that have been supported by generous sponsors. My gratitute to them.

ECHANGE project on second hand products

Photo Stéphane Leitenberger / ADEME

Photo Stéphane Leitenberger / ADEME

The ECHANGE project supported by ADEME (the French Agency for Environment and Energy Conservation) investigates the personal and social barriers that prevent people from sharing products that they don’t want anymore and consider as waste. The research covers tensions that can exist between people and their waste, between two individuals who seek to exchange a second hand product, and between people and specialised organisations dedicated to sharing products.… >> continue reading

SOBRIETES project on energy sufficiency

This research project is supported by Conseil régional Nord-Pas-Calais and ADEME (the French Agency for Environment and Energy Conservation). It involves 3 regional research centers: Ceraps (Lille 2), Clersé (Lille 1) and LSMRC (Lille 2). A network of institutional and civil society partners is associated to the project.

Beyong energy efficiency and renewables, ‘energy sufficiency’ can play an important role in achieving a ‘Factor 4’ reduction in fossil fuel consumption. This project aims at better understanding and collecting practices related to energy sufficiency in the French Nord Pas de Calais region.… >> continue reading

PICRI project on fair trade in Ile-de-France

This 2007-2009 project supported by the French Ile-de-France Region (through the PICRI ‘Partenariat Institutions-Citoyens pour la Recherche et l’Innovation’ program) has brought together researchers and practitioners in the field of fair trade, in particular Plate-Forme pour le Commerce Équitable, Institut d’Études sur le Développement Économique et Social (IEDES) and FairNESS association (to which I contributed).

The main objective has been to promote and develop fair trade in the region through strenghtening the links between practitioners and researchers in the area.… >> continue reading

ANR project ‘ETHNOS’ (ethnicity and consumption)

This project supported by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (National Research Agency) between 2007 and 2010 has focused on the concept of ethnicity in consumption. Immigrant communities from Maghreb and Turkey in France have been analysed, with the aim to understand how consumption practices relate to identity and acculturation processes.

The support from ANR has been particularly useful to establish a network of researchers from varied fields and enable intercultural comparisons.… >> continue reading