Why does not everybody purchase fair trade products? The question of the fairness of fair trade products’ consumption for consumers

Virginie Diaz Pedregal & Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse. Paper published in International Journal of Consumer Studies 35 (2011) 655–660.

illustration-fairtradeCurrent statistics show that more than three out of four people in France have heard about fair trade. However, fair trade goods are purchased in significantly higher proportions by executive class people, individuals with a postgraduate education, urban dwellers and high-income earners. Why does not everybody purchase fair trade products? An important question follows: is fair trade not really fair for consumers? This paper seeks to gain deeper insight into what social features give rise to the consumption of fair trade goods using quantitative and qualitative  ata to verify the reasons for which fair trade goods are consumed by particular groups in society. It shows that the lack of access to information and financial resources can explain consumers’ refusal to purchase fair trade products. But this explanation is incomplete, as the meaning given by consumers to their consumption appears to be a key-factor to understand their behaviour: refusing to buy fair trade goods can be a deliberate choice.

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