Towards an Understanding of Media Usage and Acculturation

Manel Hadj Hmida, Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse and Marie-Helene Fosse-Gomez. Paper published in Advances in Consumer Research, Volume 36, 2009.

This investigation focuses on the role of the media in the acculturation processes of Maghrebins in France. It seeks to assess the extent to which the media are an agent for acculturation in this specific immigrant population. We carried out thirteen in-depth interviews with a varied sample group, using an interpretative approach. We considered three types of media in this research: the ‘French’ media, the ‘Arab’ media, and the ‘ethnic’ media produced in France but directed at the Maghrebins. Results are then presented and discussed. The limits of this research are underlined, and some future openings for research are proposed.

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