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What Do We Really Need? Questioning Consumption Through Sufficiency

Hélène Gorge, Maud Herbert, Nil Özçglar-Toulouse and Isabelle Robert. Paper published in Journal of Macromarketing 1-12 (2014).

illustration-sufficiencyThis article introduces the concept of sufficiency, its specific dual nature (voluntary and obliged), and its collective implications to the literature on sustainability. Sufficiency implies a reorganization of consumption priorities and is introduced by a discussion of consumerism and the dominant social paradigm. Long interviews with sufficient people show the complexity of the construct, which creates semantic oppositions around the notion of having (everything vs.… >> continue reading

SOBRIETES project on energy sufficiency

This research project is supported by Conseil régional Nord-Pas-Calais and ADEME (the French Agency for Environment and Energy Conservation). It involves 3 regional research centers: Ceraps (Lille 2), Clersé (Lille 1) and LSMRC (Lille 2). A network of institutional and civil society partners is associated to the project.

Beyong energy efficiency and renewables, ‘energy sufficiency’ can play an important role in achieving a ‘Factor 4′ reduction in fossil fuel consumption. This project aims at better understanding and collecting practices related to energy sufficiency in the French Nord Pas de Calais region.… >> continue reading