Presentations on activism and anti-consumerism practices

List of presentations in scientific conferences focusing on better understanding consumer activism, anti-consumerism and resitance to consumerism behaviours.

  • Benmecheddal and Özçaglar-Toulouse N. (2017), The rise and the decline of consumer movements: An analysis through the conventions underlying activism, 12th Consumer Culture Theory Conference, University of Southern California, 09-12 juin.
  • BENMECHEDDAL A. and ÖZÇAGLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2015), The structure of activism: Context and meanings of an Activist order, 10th Consumer Culture Theory Conference, June 18-21, Fayetteville.
  • GORGE H., HERBERT M. ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. and ROBERT I. (2014), Understanding Consumption through Sufficiency, Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Helsinki, June 26-29 (Competitive session)
  • BENMECHEDDAL A., Özçağlar -TOULOUSE N. and HERBERT M. (2013), What about Morality and Brand?, Consumer Culture Theory  Conference, University of Arizona, june 13 – 15
  • Round table « Bridging together Anti-consumption and Consumer Resistance: Concepts, Concerns, Conflicts, and Convergence » (with Søren Askegaard, Russell Belk, Markus Giesler, Avi Shankar), EACR Londres, june 30 – july 3 2010
  • SZUBA M. and ÖZÇAĞLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2010), The Boundaries of Anti-consumerism: Breaking the Glass Floor, ICAR/NACRE, Euromed Marseille, June 25-26
  • FOSSE-GOMEZ and OZCAGLAR-TOULOUSE N. (2009), Augmenter le pouvoir d’achat par l’autoréduction : les robins des bois des supermarchés, Journées méditerranéennes, Università Bocconi, Milan, June 22-23